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Best of 2017 Part 1: Paly Homecoming

The junior float had a "Rubber Duckies" theme. Photo credit: John Foster

In the mist of finals gloom and end of semester stress for Palo Alto High School students, it’s a good moment to look back at Homecoming and remember the amazing floats from this fall. The 2017 float building was truly epic in terms of creativity and excitement.

Photo credit: Micheala Wong, Paly Voice

Juniors win with elaborate “Rubber Duckies” themed float

With a theme of  “Rubber Duckies,” it was the juniors who clenched the win for best float. Beyond its visual appeal, the junior float was also extremely complex, including a bubble machine, plastic rubber ducks, a working shower, and more.

Photo credit: David Foster

Paly float building is a true group bonding experience, and scores of students came to the school every night for a week cut, roll, and stuff tissue paper balls, paint, glue, and build the structures.

“So many people putting in effort” helped the juniors bring a vision to life

“People from all corners of the grade came together to frantically make the best float possible. It is inspiring to see students take initiative and make amazing things,” said junior David Foster, who helped lead the effort. “I’ve led float building for three years and I think this year was the best. We had so many people putting in effort and I am so proud of our result. I love our grade and cannot wait for next year!”

Duckie Mona Lisa, as created by Paly class of 2019. Photo credit: David Foster

Seniors take second with “Monopoly”

The seniors won second place with their Monopoly themed float, which featured a Palo Alto inspired game board.

The senior float featured a Monopoly theme. Photo credit: Micheala Wong, Paly Voice

Sophomores took third with NASCAR theme

The sophomores took third place with their racecar- themed float, which showed the sophomores winning a NASCAR race against the other grades.

The sophmore float imagined the 10th grade winning a NASCAR race against the other grades at Paly. Photo credit: Michaela Wong, Paly Voice

“Spongebob” helps freshmen earn fourth

The freshmen took fourth place with their Nickelodeon themed float, which was a giant television that featured a lot of the grade’s favorite Nickelodeon characters.

Paly freshman float included Spongebob and other Nickelodeon characters. Photo credit: Michaela Wong



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